Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Weekend Full of Cinema

What can be more tedious than to have to come to office after a long looong holiday? The answer to that is- Having to go to gym after a long looong holiday. Anyway the l.l.h. is finally over and Anik is gone and I'm back at my desk, doing the most tedious job of all... answering 15 different variations of the question "What did you guys do?" (We joined the Ram Sene and beat up other couples, especially if they were irritatingly dressed and insisited on speaking bad 'cool' english).

Apart from that, we watched a lot of movies, some of which had been on my wishlist for a long time. The movies were (in the order we watched them in) :

1. Doshor (Rituporno Ghosh) - We couldn't figure out what the director was trying to say, what his message was, and why indeed he made the movie in the first place.The only saving grace was Ritu-di's presentation, which is soothing to the eye, and Konkona's intelligent acting. Otherwise an irritating movie.

2. Dil Kabaddi( Anil Sharma)- This movie has its moments. But the trouble is, if you try to mix a sex comedy with aantlami, the result is generally acidity. Hackneyed plot. Well-worn treatment, sad acting, low grade comedy.
3. The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan)- Appy told me this was one of the scariest movies he has seen( and coming from a gore connoisseur, that’s something) , AND HE IS RIGHT! All its scariness comes from the sheer evilness of the Joker. Hats off to Heath Ledger. Villainy doesn’t get better than this.

4.Amelie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet)-This is the most beautiful movie of the lot. It’s sparkling in beauty and intelligence and laughter. The story is as heartwarming as the cinematography is stunning. A very adorable movie (in Bokom’s words – nongra rokom-er bhalo- dirty good). Thank you Appy for this one.

5.There's Something About Mary-This is a funny movie, but most of the humour is of the toilet variety, loud and crass.The story too is inane. The one thing that stays with you is Cameron Diaz, very young, very fresh, very beautiful. It’s good timepass as long as you don’t try to involve your brain too much.

6.A Wednesday( Neeraj Pandey)- Another let-down. While the story is very un-hackneyed and is told in quite a wrinkle-less manner, the movie as a whole is full of tired clichés. The same honest cop brutal cop inefficient cop routine, the very unreal conversations, and the Commissioner’s conference room which seems to have been taken straight out of a Hollywood movie. As a thriller, it falls way short of brilliant. The only saving grace is Naseer’s and Kher’s acting.
I’m currently reading Maximum City – Bombay Lost and Found, by Suketu Mehta. Hope to post you on that very soon. Till then, take care.

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16 paper boats came floating back to me:

chirpy-paaro said...

Out of these I have seen A Wednesday and Dark Knight... Though I agrre with ur review for Dark Knight..but I really liked A Wednesday..I loved the movie director handled the movie to be shown in just 2 hours. And of course Naseer and Anupama Kher were awesome. I did liked Jimmy Shergill.

SUBHADIP said...

So expecting that beyond too had a great time! Yes, I changed the name of my colleagues somewhat, otherwise trouble:)
I read Maximum City..I liked it though at some part boring..I saw Dosor also..really disgusting..have you seen Ritudi's Choker Bali..its great! So carry on..waiting for your new post..

Kolkata aso naki kakhno..? Tumi ki karo..chakri..IT?

laddu said...

u liked konkana's acting....i hope u'd seen amu..if not den u must c it..n i disagree with ur views abt a wednesday....acchi picture hai yaar..

Pradiptaa said...

Well, I have seen the movie "Doshor" more than 5-6times... Still, everytime it feels different. From Rituporno Ghosh, we do not expect any less than this, but, "Doshor" was a movie that makes me sit back and think...

Amelie is specially one of those movies that I truely enjoyed... Have seen it long back... The appeal of quiet wit & details of the movie makes it a stand out to the set.

I expect you have seen "Life is Beautiful" or "Vita è bella, La" (1997), if unfortunately you didn't get hold of this one, please it's my request, do see this film.

Pradiptaa said...
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Pradiptaa said...

One more movie to suggest, "Matir Moina" (2002) by Tareque Masud.

Yayaver said...

I had seen only 3 movies in your list.The Dark Knight,A wednesday and Amiele.
For your information,heath ledger act as a joker not penguin.u must be nagging in the movie :D
But the review of other two movies are really good.A movie per day keeps boreyaat away.Celebrate cinema and may god bless with more weekend full of cinema in your life

Little Girl Lost said...

i seem to have stepped on a couple of toes with my review of A Wednesday. yes it was a good thriller, but come on people, don't tell me you didn't notice the HUGE flaws. how does a common man sneak such a sophisticated bomb into a airport runway, for one thing. then, apart from naseeruddin and kher, everyone's acting is really fake.
@ shubhodip & laddu.- yes i've seen the movie in question.
@yayavar- thank you for pointing out the dumb error. i've corrected it.
@pradiptaa- i've seen life is beautiful, but not the other two movies.i'll put them on my list. thanks :)

buno mainak said...

@little girl lost-the limit of common man is going cosmic in 'fight club','v for vendetta'and a lots of other fact,anarchy starts from a single common man in many of occasions.
a wednesday is a good movie[if not fatafati],as per in the bay of cliched hindi thrillers.
amelie is picturesque.i really luv it.'dirty good' :P
and a must see is 'city of lost children' from d same director

laddu said...

hey dont worry..i will never lose track..actually i had already subscribed 2 ur blog d day wen i read ur 1st i ll come 2 know wenever u ll update it....:):)

Pradiptaa said...

"Life is Beautiful" or "Vita è bella, La" (1997) is a single movie... "Vita è bella, La" was the official name of "Life is Beautiful". You only have to see Matir Moina from my suggested list.

I am a humble follower of your blog. I also liked your blog.

If you're learning Spanish, & if I have not make any mistake to think that you're in my class, then I must tell you that the class is running too fast... I have all the notes. You'd need to study a bit before coming to the class on wednesday..

Aniket Thakkar said...

Finally I make it to your blog... and I see "Chirpy-Paaro" already here... hmm... I wonder whats the connection?? :-D Well Dark knight has become my all time favorites... (You can see the preview of where i am going to shift my blog soon... on inspired by joker) and i also have a "Why so serious" poster on my wall! Loved Heath's acting... loved his dialogues... especially "If you are good at something never do it for free" and "Insanity is like gravity, all it requires is a little... Push"! And oh Amelie is an all time favorite (Hope u caught how well Ghajini has tapofied one of its scenes)! I am a huge huge movie buff and watch 15 movies per week... English... mostly I've seen them all.. the good ones I mean!

I recommend (If you have not already seen them): Into the Wild, The Emperors Club, Life is Beautiful, The last king of Scotland, The lives of others, My Sassy Girl (Korean One)... for startes! Well IMDB top 250 is always worth a shot!

sawan said...

on ur take on 'a wednesday' : dnt under estimate indian infrastructure.. the office of ATS Mumbai [IT Wing] is much much spphisticated than what is shown in the movie..

Shubhajit said...

So you had a good time celebrating Archies Card Inc. Day (joking)! Lets see where I stand as regards the movies you've watched.

1. Doshor - Well, I don't think I agree with you. I wouldn't call this a great movie, but it was good. A serious, no-frills look into the complex dynamics of a guilt-stricken man and his wife whose reaction to her husband's philandering is more painful (to the husband, i.e.) than would have been had she'd been more vocal in her anger. Both Prosenjeet & Konkona's performances were laudable in the layers, nuances, restraint and realness they brought in their roles as well as chemistry. The black-and-white photography, too, was nice textured - it formed an allegory to the crumbling relationships. Of course it could also be said that "Ritu-di" couldn't control the urge to do a Martin Scorsese (Raging Bull).

2. Dil Kabaddi - haven't watched the movie, though I heat its a lift off a Woody Allen classic. And Woody Allen is someone damn difficult to copy.

3. Dark Knight - It certainly wasn't the scariest movie I've seen. The violence was deliberately toned down to be presentable to a larger audience. But yes, it was a good movie. And Heath Ledger was indeed amazing - as good as Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker - one of the most complex characters in graphic literature. Watch Nolan's Memento & Following if you haven't already - terrific movies.

4. Amelie - Again a very good movie. Quirky and darkly humorous. And like all Jeunet movies the visual beauty left me speechless.

5. There's Something About Mary - I have the movie though haven't watched it yet. I too have heard that it has a lot of scatological humour :(

6. A Wednesday - Certainly not as great a movie as it has been made out to be. But I found the subject very pertinent, and there was also honesty in its depiction. And the best thing was the director never deviated from the central theme of the movie, thus ensuring a compact narrative. The characters, however, could have been developed a bit more.

ShantanuDas said...

I need to buy a CD (or download pirated ones) to see bengali movies here and in any case I am too lazy to see anything but HBO/ STAR and PIX etc.. so not seen these .. but must say I like that Girl.. Konkona Sen.. her eyes are tooo expressive.. I love such eyes!! They beckon me always...

And she does know acting.. the last movie lllong ago i saw was Mrs Aiyer.. (hope got the name rt)..

Dark Night. yes scary batman movie.. and bcs of the joker and the associated music with his activities.. but not a scary movie if you consider all scary movies and not just batman alone.. this one seems to have taken Batman out of the child's realm..

Cameron Diaz is all that you said very this very that !! She also has a very large mouth..very wide smile (extra wide) is very tall.. very.. sexy 2.... very long legs.. and i like her [with all other heroines that I like also]

But ohh. i c that we do not agree on A wednesday.. I thot it to be a different type of movie.. [downloaded it and saw] good editing.. good flow.. fast pace.. and a new idea !!

walker walkin alone said...

Amilie is indeed good, the best in the list.
Dil ka Buddy is the remake of one of woody allen movies, Husbands and wives, which I being a fan of Allen liked very much. That has less sex and serious atlami.
The song in Mary is the best part of the whole movie.