Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Silver Lining

Here in Jaipur, the Divine Army goons have announced their intention to force unmarried couples who are seen together on Valentine's Day to marry on the spot, then and there.

So, to save an ocean of expenses, planning, harassment, anxiety and time, Anik and I have decided to walk hand in hand all over the city on that day, and if we see any ram/shiv/vishnu/ bramha sainiks, we are going to lock lips more violently than dry pigs who suddenly discover mud pies.

I was going to write about Dev D which I loved so completely, but Shubhajit has beaten me to it,and I can't say it better than he can, so please take a look at his review.

Have a safe Valentine people (remember when the only festival which was dangerous enough for people to be wished safety was Diwali?) See you on Tuesday.

15 paper boats came floating back to me:

Shubhajit said...

Thanks a lot for putting up a link to my post in your blog. I would love to know how the movie stands upon second viewing, especially considering that you liked the movie so much.

Yayaver said...

safe valentine day is a sarcastic point....kudos

Anurag said...

Well said.

chirpy-paaro said...

hey i cant copy the link from ur bog dear!!! u forgot u have that feature enabled...instead put the link as an Hyper link on his name!!!
If they force u to get married then do ask him to click ur pictures...i wud want to see them!! :)

anandi said...

I don't know how to react to this post of yours. Personally, I don't believe in the thing called "LOVE", though I have written poems on it. But I guess as Bertrand Russell said, "Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives."
Have a safe Valentine. There may be oppositions but who the hell cares. :)

Kishore Choudhary said...

u r good with words keep going on

SUBHADIP said...

Kal saradin sdu amra kajan
R keu noy ai din japan
Sdu pran vre gan
R thot vara chumban..

Tai kal sdu bhalobaso..r tumi ki Sakti Chattopadhyar kabita bhalo lage..bolbe naki akno bolbe na?

Jibi said...

Protesting and facing alone a group of religion crazed mad fanatics are totally different things.

I'd say be very careful if you are planning to do it alone.

Anyways snog like crazy:D

Quaint Murmur said...

Hahaha, I especially liked the bit about the pigs and mud pies.

It's usually like that in Bombay as well, when the Shiv Sena and the moral police come and 'clamp down' on 'obscenity'. Pathetic.

Have a nice day tomorrow.

Minko said...

I have not seen DEV D yet. One of these days I am going to catch it.

A nice little place, err, blog you've got here!

And at the risk of being a copycat, I must say that your recent post just echoed my emotions, albeit in a better way than I would have done.:)

Minko said...

And oh, it's exciting to find Kabir Suman on your music list...he is my nemesis, muscally though!:)Thank you!

SUBHADIP said...

Akta natun post add korlam..parle pore bolo kmn laglo..its written in a different style..V-Day kmn katale..akno effect cholce naki?

Shubhashish said...

hi there,
can u provide ur identity ma'm???
yes,hopefully i m okey but still hard to forget past...anywayz belated valentine day...hope u don't mind.

Little Girl Lost said...

@shubhajit... there was no second viewing, :( but i watched other movies instead.
@yayavar & anurag.. Thanks dudes'll find shubhajit's blog on my followers list.
@anand... its easier to fall in love than to philsophise about it. i always take the shorter road.
@kishor... thank you very much
@shubhadip... sahi jawab!! nischoy tomar post porbo eshe.
@jibi... took your advice man :)
@QM... obscenity as defined by these holier than thou goons seem to have a different meaning from what the dictionary tells us, no?
@minko... welcome to my parlour, hoping to see you here often.
@shubhashis.. my blog is supposed to be my identity, but i can see its not doing a good job.

ShantanuDas said...

So did the SENA save your expense finally? hmm not i think.
Try Mangalore next time maybe