Friday, February 6, 2009

Anikdotes- Pink Hearts, Red Faces

My boyfriend is coming to Jaipur on the 13th of February to spend a couple of days with me. Now, our recent experience tells me that if you are an average person, your reaction to this would be “Oh my god! He’s coming all this way to spend Valentine’s Day with you!! That is so romantic!!!

Knowing that several of our common and individual friends look into my blog now and then, I’d like to use this space to make a declaration – Anik is NOT visiting me because it is Valentine’s Day. The reason he is coming on that particular day could mean anything- it’s a second Saturday (meaning no office for me); he got a cheap air-ticket on that day (Friday the 13th you see); the week after is my birthday; the week before is our anniversary; its been three months since we’ve met- anything, anything but Valentines Day.

Why is it so important for you to know this? Because ever since he unwittingly booked a flight on that fateful day, Anik’s life has turned into a mortification. You see, Valentine’s Day is totally out of his scheme of things and he would rather turn celibate and abstinent than have it thought of him that he is shallow, silly, nyaka, sissy, materialistic, moronic, and wannabe enough to believe in something as meaningless as Valentine. Anik is NOT a Valentine- believer any more than he is an adulterer or a wife-beater.

(My apologies to all the romantic gooey eyed readers who adore the concept of Valentine’s Day. The above rant is entirely our personal opinion that had to be made public in order to preserve our reputation as mean grumpy cynics)

And while we are at it, happy first, buddy.

Ps- Hasi, please do not post reminiscences of what Anik used to do on Valentine’s days before he met me.

5 paper boats came floating back to me:

chirpy-paaro said...

i remember how much u were against celebration of V day in he kidish manner since school days!! But still lucky u that he is visiting u on V day..guess u can also be happy, for u got one more reason!!

abhinandan said...
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abhinandan said...

Chhi can I???!!!

How can I play da role of a relationship breaker.... :-P

buno mainak said...

eto bhabbar ki achhe boss.
jobe ase tobei bhalo,ta v-day hok r nag ponchomi

ShantanuDas said...

I should not comment on a Valentine day post and be kabab mein haddi here.. but I did like Nagin Movie.. and loved her Godly ways (Demolishing evil.. Sridevi was one before her Reena Roy was too.. and who else!!?? hmm)

Here too I have seen the same Nagin in the slap on the eve teaser, the red eyes at Sanjay Dutt.. and yet have seen the emotional bubble.. so no harm in worshipping this nagin with milk on Nagpanchami..