Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Blog Award! Yay! (Title Shamelessly Copied)

After months of envying bloggers who have so many, dropping all sorts of hints to people, wondering if anybody would notice if I just stole one, and finally telling myself that blog awards are ridiculous, meaningless, and juvenile, I’ve finally got my first award!! Yaayyy! This honor is exponentiated by the fact that it’s from Aniket, my arch-nemesis and a genius in his own right (don’t slip on all the butter, AT), and all the other awardees are very very illustrious bloggers.
Apparently, there are several rules about what I’m supposed to do when I get an award, but since I don’t remember any of them, I just put up a picture of it on my blog side, and now I’ll give it around. But before I begin, I need to say that the first person I’d like to have awarded would have been Aniket himself, since his Melody of Dissonance is one of my favorite blogs, but then he’ll just award it back to me and this will go on till eternity and we’ll never be able to put up any new posts again. For similar reasons, I’ll refrain from giving it to my co-awardees Jennifer, whom I love, and Catharine, of whom I’m in deep awe.
(I realize I’m being ridiculously serious about this, but please humor me, it is my very first and I’ve waited very long for this.)
And so, this crayonny award goes to *drumroll*
Quaint Murmur for Quaint Murmur, because this blog is so lovely it’s addictive, and I’ve wanted to give it an award from my very first visit.
Shubajit Lahiri for Cinemascope, the baap of all film blogs, because his reviews are so crisp, funny, and no-holds-barred.
Kriti for Kreation, because this blog kicks ass. (and also, I was afraid she might hurt my family if I didn’t give it to her quietly)
Shubhadeep for Writer’s Column for his magical descriptive powers and the fact that he can bring any scene to life with just a word or two.
Anurag ‘Happy’ Pandey for Happinessss, because his expression is brilliant and it would be a pity if he stopped writing
Anil Sawan for Colors, because he knows how to put into words things I didn’t even know I was feeling.
Mainak ‘Bokom’ Pal for Vindi+Alu=Vindaloo, because his insanity is delicious and I wanted to incentivize him to keep up the madness
Deepa for Deepa's World of Art because her prose sparkles with colors and makes me smile every time.
Ok, you guys get to copy the award onto you own blogs, if you want to, that is, and you need to give it around to 7 other people or something, and you need to keep me in mind when you next get an award from someone else.
And I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the patience and perseverance of Shantanu Das, a new blog-friend who has spent the last two weekdays reading every single post I’ve ever written, and writing deep, meaningful, page-long comments for each one. To him, I want to say:
JIYO PAGLA!!! Kheer Kha!!

Amritorupa Kanjilal also writes at Rivers I Have Known: Books, Reviews, and More. Please visit her there! 

27 paper boats came floating back to me:

Creation said...

Woohoo!!! Second award in two days!

Thank you so much.
But what I'll cherish more than the award is your take on my blog... "kicks ass".. just the term I was dying to hear!!

What made you think I'll hurt your family? Lol.. I'm not a sadist! I'm a masochist..

A happy one at that!

(does a lil jig and sticks her tongue out at Aniket again! I have two of these now... Beat that!)

Al Walling said...

CONGRATS ^_********

Shubhajit said...

Thanks a lot LGL... And now for my winning speech... I would like to thank all the directors, screenwriters, cameramen, actors, actresses, cinematographers, music directors... (I'm sure you're asleep by now, so I'll save the rest for my next award) :)

Andy said...

Wooaohhhhh...IS THAT the answer????
I'm still figuring that out. Man, ur smart. Thanx much then.

Sincerely, I like the way u put things down. Dont down grade urself, ur good.
Stupid ppl like me find blogs written by ppl like u..kool.

Congrats on ur award. What?? NO 'thanking ur parents and then God and your audience for supporting u' speech??? Shucks..

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hey congrats yaar....

you must be very happy for this makes one feel special .. :)

As for your last comment, i did as you said....

Lets rock...

Let me know your name madam...
i cant always refer to you as little lost girl :P


Medieval Or Modern said...


J said...

Yay is right, LGL!! You totally deserve it!!! (See? I AM still reading. ;) )

Now make sure you post some fun stuff while my Ammi is here, got it?

ShantanuDas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ShantanuDas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ShantanuDas said...

Ouch!.. Blush~~ Blush~~!!!

I feel shy when someone calls me Pagla.... But hey plzzzzzzzz do not reveal me like this in Public my dear...!!!

Anyway... but plzz send me the cash to buy the Kheer.. yummyy~~~

And btw I would have liked to give you an award too....

........but Have You seen Humans giving awards to Gods and Goddesses? Think ?? ~~ hmm!

buno mainak said...

mairi,bar kheye gelam.tomar jonyo likhte pari ek blog-ibi :P :P

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!1 like everyone will be saying "treat treat" or a nice post will do just fine. u deserve it huny tho im a new entrant in your blog. keep it up and i definitely love your work.

deepazartz said...

May you receive many more awards in(the near) future...

As for the Award that you honored mw with;

MY VERY FIRST AWARD(tears welling up my eyes...& ofcourse goosebumps)
My Winning Speech:
I am this...HONOR(fanning myself!!!)I would like to thank, firstly..Amrita........

Truly, L'tl Girl, you MADE MY DAY!!! I am really excited coz I am happy that I bring smile on your face and for the colors I do want to spread.
Today it's exactly one month since I created my receive an Award so soon is no silly feat.
I simply love it!

Happy Blogging:)

Aniket said...

First you steal my readers... then my Post title... go ahead change your blog name to "Melody of Dissonance" too. lolzz

Well you truly deserved it (along with a smack on the head, which I refrained myself from giving. lolz)

Congratulations! (Bites his lips while saying)

PS: Still waiting for the limericks...

Anonymous said...

khubb baloo !!!

Anurag said...

Hey Congrats ...Must be well deserved :P...

Btw Anurag who??...Me??...Surely not ??? :P

Smita said...

Congrats :)

Sweet post!!!

Shravan said...


ShantanuDas said...

Bahut Hi Taqleef De Rahey ho tum Little Girl.. samjhi? You shld have hypelinked the blogs of the people whom you awarded so we could go straight there.. eg Anurag.. he has two blogs.. which got the award.? (1 or both?). so on... ..

btw.. Anurag's Writer's Lounge gave me a business idea.. if he himself did not get it so far.. if he does not pick.. up the idea.. or thinks the idea is bad.. who knows??? mb one DAY soon.. I will pick it up!. unless somebody has already thot and is working on it.. if you too think of it pls give me consulation fees.!! haha

I have gone thru all your awardees' blogs.. and I do not find any reason to disagree..I agree with YOU PERFECTLY!! . (I cannot see 100% so soon !!!!)..


Deepaz'.. Oohh.. I liked that template..I will pick the design for my bedcover or Curtains... for my products..hehe when I launch them that is!!!! I have not yet read her blog.. and will read soon.. ...

Anurag- his writer's Lounge is fantastic.. ..and his members are fantastic.. his other blog.. is expressive as u said..

Kreation-- I don't know it she kicsks ass.. but she sure is deep..something moves her from inside..!

Subhajit-- ah!! Good! Good!!.. 4m now I will see his blog to decide if I want to see a movie!!

Buno Mainak... hmm the guy looks dreamy.. that itself shld get him ur award.. i am afraid to go to his site.. I am sure I wont understand anything he says!! Still I went.. & I found I was right.. my sixth sense is woring as Usual!... and I can only say he is "Sanghatik"! Full Bengali!! Even I do not know all the words!!..

Like you...who are way out of my league.. as i came to see after reading ur books list . I now see your greatest competitor Aniket... too is way beyond me after reading his two lights contest!! So that itself makes him very elgible for the award... because I have never been able to understand Modern Art.. (as my fingers are shorter).....and so he must be great..!

Little Girl Lost said...

people thank you so much, but i need to make a clarification here. the Anurag who won the award was Anurag Pandey, who's blog name happens to be Happinessss., though it needs to be mentioned that the other anurag is just as good and is definately on my list for the next award. :)
hope that clears it up, shantanu. you visited the wrong blog, though i'm sure you had a great time there.

ShantanuDas said...

ya I did! though for last two days I have not been visiting blogs.. but sea beaches and backwaters and ruined forts...
hmmm - they are more easy to understand than Literature I am sad to say for myself :-((

SUBHADIP said...

Amritarupa..khub bhalo is indeed a recognition which I want..thanks amr lekha je tomar ato bhalo lage..tar janya khuby bhalo lagce..thanks!

Anurag said...

ohh thank you for the clarification girl..U made me confused 4 sure ....Award or no award is happy tht u liked my blog :)

P.S: The "fault" was mine ...U did mention "Anurag Pandey"..So Sowwie :P

ShantanuDas said...

clever guy!! U understood correctly!@! Had u not said thanks how wld a new one like me know whether you are a Pandey, or Misra, or a vardarajan or a Thakker or a Bose,, or a Kanjilal??

And the kanjilal here did not put anyhyperlinks as she shld have!

Sorry boss.. but I did like you site.. & did get some good business idea!! hmm

SSQuo said...

You plagiarized the titled? How unoriginal! :)

Congrats girl! You deserve it.

sawan said...

wow, thts such an honor girl :) thnk you so mauch, more for ur words than the award. your words mean a lot to me, trust me.

Quaint Murmur said...

Thank you so much LGL.
This will be my very first award, and I am honoured that it comes from you.

Thanks soooooo much :) (can;t get over it)