Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Boss, The Feminist

This morning my boss (hereafter to be known as 'The Monster') called me to his cabin and showed me a painting he had done.

I had to admit, it was good. It showed a naked woman, or at least a mass of shapes that could just about be recognised as a naked woman, in a claustrophobic rectangle, straining to get out.

As the other trainees fawned sycophantically, The Monster eyed my reaction. Then, maybe because he was worried I would think it was something out of the Kamasutra, he proceeded to explain. : "This, you see, is how i see womankind being suppressed by society. Crushed, caged, deprived of any freedom..."

The trainees looked as if they might wet themselves any minute in sheer servile delight. As he went on, I stared at him, nonplussed. Just a few months ago, on my first day here, this man, this very same hideously ugly bully, had told me (eyes darting gleefully all over my person) that in his opinion, women were really no good in the corporate world. They were inefficient, unknowledgable, grossly dumb (well, he used nicer sounding words but this is the gist of what he meant). He would never let his wife work, not outside home anyway, (Mrs. Monster is a qualified chartered accountant). Since then, I have seen him harrass female colleagues, female trainees, female subordinates, with the sole purpose of proving his supremacy over them. And now apperantly his heart is bleeding at the plight of womankind, and he has gone and drawn a picture about it.

Now what in the world is more vexing than a male chauvinist PIG pretending to be a feminist?

7 paper boats came floating back to me:

abhinandan said...

Personal View:
Did the painting really portray what he told it is protraying????

mainakমৈনাক said...

kono chap nei
[o]bhodroloker catastrophic dimatricaziting pseudoluboscoliosis hyechhe.lonkapora dhoa de,sere jbe.

Little Girl Lost said...

@ mainak--

or gaaye jomdoot ghurche, ami dekhte parchi.

anik said...

Dekh..osob dhoper khetton..
tor boss feministo na ...artist o na,
bascically o toke study koreche,,bhujheche j tui aktu alada(mane alt thinker...:-))..tai r ki asob chobi fobi dekhieche..tarbor bhalo bhabe choriyeche..puro choriye feleche malta

Marina D'Souza said...

You need to find yourself a new job. Your boss sounds dangerous!!!

ShantanuDas said...

Gosh!! I was searching for ur earlier posts!! haha!! Story is true really? What is the office name ahh is that why said 'Jaipur' north indian ehh naki bangali boss? hmm naah bengalis are too timid that way.. !1 I think we cannot try these.. we will be scared shit!! !! The delhiwalas or Punjabis [non sikhs] are all ladykillers!!

I know !! haha!! !!!! Bolo to Pedieyey diey ashi? [for those who do not know bengali Pediey = Beating.. usually on the butt! and ASHI= Come.. or 'go' in this case 'shall I go and lick him in the butt? I like to kick people!! ]

btw u probably know this still i rbrd suddenly.. law includes these things also as female harassment..NOT THAT u hv to wait to get raped bfr u can complain..

And anyway.. this is why I wish to be under a woman boss.. it would be better I think! my post on a female boss is here!!

U have a funny profile.... very refreshing. I really LOVE IT!! which is why u could collect me!! hmm u collect weird people ehh? haha!! u do not even know what a prize catch hv got in me! I pride myself to be the best Weirdo!! and btw I am not a MOTH.. moths are simple.. I am a cockroach.
heee heee!

walker walkin alone said...

That his wife made the painting