Monday, March 5, 2012

Rivers Reborn

Hi everybody,

It's been a long time. Hope you've all been doing well for yourselves.

Just wanted to give you a few updates. I quit my day job to follow my dream and become a writer (God I sound like a precious little hero when I say this)

Apart from other writing projects, I have also taken up blogging again. But Rivers I Have Known has a new home now, and a new Avatar. Rivers is now at WordPress, and it is now a blog about books, which are my first passion, and book reviews, which I have always loved to do.

Rivers will also occasionally have guest reviewers to review movies, music, and art. But mostly it will be me being me.

I hope to see all of you following the new blog. I had a lot of fun writing for you, and I would love it if we can continue our journey together.

Visit me at Rivers I have Known at Wordpress. Leave your honest feedbacks in comments, and don't forget to follow.

Thank you,
Amritorupa (Little Girl Lost)

Amritorupa Kanjilal also writes at Rivers I Have Known: Books, Reviews, and More. Please visit her there!

4 paper boats came floating back to me:

Mr. A. said...

Good to see you back :)

and as for the are most welcome to use them...i'll be honored. :)

I love books...kintu book reviews likhte likhte majhe modhdhe do pen down a few poems, like the ones you used to..i bet those words will definitely flow again since the river has reborn.. :)

Chronicles Of a Death Foretold is one THE most magnificent books i have ever read... :) Thanks for the review.

zephyr said...

so glad you updated!

btw even my blog address has changed

please do visit, read and comment :)

Nelson Souzza said...

Hello! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Congrats for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at
Thanks for sharing!

Ananth M said...

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