Monday, March 14, 2011

tor kobita shombondhe amar motamot

Tui hoyto bhabish je tui agun.

Tui hoyto bhabish je tui jhor.

Udiye niye puriye diye jabe

Tor kobita amar e shohor.

Hoyto tui nijeke bhabish pakhi,

Kon shokal-e ghum bhangabi shobar.

Hoyto bhabish ekla samurai,

Kobita tor motto torobaar.

Tui jetake bhabish sheko beesh

Ashole ta makha chirey-dudh.

Lekh tui tor joto icche, tobe

Acid bhebe chhetashne ar muut.

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15 paper boats came floating back to me:

Pradip Biswas said...

"Eto din Kotha Chhilen" pakhir Nerer moto chokh na thakleo, Bari Natore e na holeo, naam Banolata Sen Nischoi noi, Kintu Jabab Chai, Jabab Chai Paliye Gele Cholbe na, Cholbe na.
Kobita Khub Bhalo. Aazkal Direct bangla horophe lekha jai. Bangla Kobita gulo tate lekho. Amar Bou likchhe dekhte paaro

sangita said...


Margaret said...

Wish I understood your language!:(

deepazartz said...

Hey LilGirl
Sounds melodious...I share Margaret's sentiment!
Best Wishes

Minko said...

Nodeera modhye modhye ghawre phere taholey!:-)

haariye giye ghawrey pheraar paradox, ekla samurai-er biponno ostitwa-er cheye kawm interesting noy, jaanish! Khanikta kurosawa, khanikta underground rock-er modhye ekchiltey bergman jhimjhim korchhe. Tor lekhataay!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it doesn't work in English.... Each language has a spirit, and this one must belong there.

Little Girl Lost said...

Dear Jason, Margaret & Deepa, Thank you so much for commenting even though you could not read the poem. In the last one year I have written very little, but whatever little i wrote was in banggla... I will try to write in english again, but for the moment i am happy that i was able to write at all.

Little Girl Lost said...

As jason points out, this poem will not work in english, but it is basically my commentary on poems written by certain other people who imagine they are revolutionary poets. More teenage angst i am afraid.
rough translation (just the thought, not the words)- Perhaps you thing of yourself as fire, or perhaps as a storm, and perhaps you tell yourself that you are going to burn this city of mine to cinders, or blow it away. Perhaps you see yourself as a bird, who is waiting for morning to wake everyone with its song. perhaps you think you are a lonely samurai, and poetry is your blood-crazed sword. The problem is, what you think is rat poison, is actually milk pudding. It okay if you continue to write whatever you like, but please stop spreading piss in the delusion that you are throwing acid.

Hah! it SO doesn't work in english.

Little Girl Lost said...

Pradip- bangla font e likhte chai, kintu ami joto gulo software dekhechi taate shyor-borno gulo ulto-palta laage.

tacchara erokom pathok pathika o hoyto achen jnara bangla bojhen kintu porte paren na.

Little Girl Lost said...

anirvan- barabari hoy gelo.... ekjoner kobita pore jhaant jole jawa te eta likhechi... chelemanushi typer teenage angst ... tobe eta post korle abar lekhar obhyesh ta firey asbe shei asha te post korlam.

Quaint Murmur said...

I think it's beautiful.

I don't know what it means, but the words all form a lovely sound.

I'm saying each word out loud and wondering what they mean. But like you said, it's meaning is deeper in the language of its birth.

I hope you're well? You have such talent and I always check to see if you've written- silently watching and wondering how a faceless friend is doing. (I know your picture graces your profile, but you get my drift).

Little Girl Lost said...

Hi QM- long time.... i promise to post something in english now.
I've been good. I have started watercoloring... how havw you been?

SUBHADIP said...

Asadharon Amritarupa..anek din par tomar lekha pelam..apurba laglo..sei chanda..sei soundarya..kothay chile atodin? Subhadip..parle visit kro my blog..

Mr. A. said...

besh onneek din pore ese dekhlam...aar mugdho holam...

"osadharon"..."apurbo"..sokole bole dieche...those best probable words to describe the poem....ami sudhu obaak hoe porlam...*bows down*

likhte theko...onek.onek onek lekha!!!

Nikita Banerjee said...

Got my dada to explain this to me! Interesting poetry. I wish I had studied bangla!