Thursday, March 4, 2010


I’m the girl who does not care
If I’m gaining weight or losing hair
If my husband has a damn affair
I simply wimply do not care.

My boss is aloof & my colleagues are mean
Stuff in my fridge are turning green.
Not a single shirt is clean
I’m not bothered. I don’t care.

My boyfriend tells me I’m a mess.
I’m the cause for my parents’ stress.
My friends all like me less & less.
It breaks my heart. But I don’t care.

I know squat about corporate law.
Cigarettes are rubbing my trachea raw.
I cook bad enough to inspire awe.
I know I should, but I STILL don’t care.

So I turned fifty last week
So I’m getting wrinkles on my cheek.
So strangers tell me I’m a freak.
Do I look like I fucking care?

And my writers block is here to stay.
So the one thing I had has gone away.
And my first poem in months reads like juvenile crap.
And it doesn’t rhyme, by the way.

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21 paper boats came floating back to me:

Sakshi said...

Voila there you are and what a comeback. Awesome freaking poem I say.

.... said...

I agree with sakshi LGL its great you are back and I LOVE the poem.

hope you are okay... me is worried.

Creation said...

The one reason I like your so-called 'juvenile crap' is because it honest. God-damned straight from the heart! That's the only sign of true poet.

P.S.: The above comment will make sense if you consider my circumstances. I'm quite close to either slicing off someone's head or blowing my own head up. And oh! I'm listening to .45 by Shinedown.

Creation said...

P.P.S.: This does not mean I don't like the poem (for you might interpret it that way). I do, indeed! The P.S. to explain the choice of words.

Scribblers Inc said...

Such pieces of writing arise only out of blocks and tangles...and whats funny is, most often they end up looking somewhat better than the regular this is a high...however low this, me definitely a high...

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.- did you read the story? tell me if you thought it was weird @ big news on way...stay tuned! :)

Smita said...

No re it isn't crap :) it is what you wrote dil se :)

Happy to see an update here :)

Arv said...

and you say that its crap :P

you gotta be kidding us :)

Good to see you back here mate :)

take care... cheers...

SUBHADIP said...

Brilliant..tumi ki likhte bhule geco bolle? Amr mne hy the break has enriched your writing..and hey..welcome back to the writers world..aro lekha chai..aro..lekha chai..

buno mainak said...

kosthokathinyer sokto gutli haga

Anonymous said...


Prianca said...

Thank you for posting something again.
And this is a wonderful poem indeed. Simply wonderful!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

amrita rap :D

Ammara said...

i like the poem
though it sounds depressive... rebellion in a very juvenile sort of way,.... eh

Kabya said...

juvenile crap..huh??? great to see you back...likhte keu bhole na..its just kotha gulo jeno kache aste chaena..but again it will never abandon'll just have to wait for it patiently.. have a certain subtlety in your writing.. notun kore kichu bolar nei...your 'juvenile crap' is good enough for many of us....

Quaint Murmur said...

Well if that isn't the best comeback ever, I don't know what is.

If you think that's juvenile crap, then so be it. But I'd choose that over pretentious rubbish any day ;)

Welcome back. Good to see you again!

deepazartz said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyy U R BACK!!!
Good to have you...
I came to chk ur blog address and I literally pleasantly shocked...
What timimg!!!

There's something awaiting you in my blog. Pls do chk it out:)


Aniket said...

Juvenile rhymes are flavor of the season. Welcome back. :) Hope you are enjoying your married life.

@Kriti: Try listening to Ticking like a Time Bomb next. :P

joaquin carvel said...

it's about f**king time. :)

glad you're back - and this isn't crap. (ok, maybe "simply wimply" is juvenile, but it works in how the last lines descend) maybe it's not what you wanted to write, but it's better than not writing. well - i think so, at least.

Ambiguous Insomniac said...

reading ur post for the first time...the 'dont care wht u think' attitude is appealing!valo laglo pore..bookmarked ur page..will be visiting do keep writin!

SSQuo said...

I like it!

Its been a while, hope all is well on your end. Look fwd to reading more.

I am legend. said...

Simply awesome.