Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Clarification, and a Blue Fantasy

Despite the fact that I haven't even started packing my contraband into my secret contraband compartments, and the time for my departure is slowly drawing near, I am writing to clear up a ridiculously embarrassing misunderstanding.

Several people who have read my LAST POST have written to tell me they hope I have a delightful holiday with Aniket ( of Melody of Dissonance). Some have congratulated me on finding such a great guy. One reader expressed overwhelming joy that the authors of two of her favourite blogs are seeing each other.

While I certainly wouldn't want to debate the fact that Aniket is a great guy, apart from being a dearly loved friend, not to mention my arch-nemesis, methinks a clarification is in order. I am going on a holiday with Anik, my best friend, lover, and fiance. Anik is a name by itself and is NOT short for Aniket.

But this idea that Aniket and LGL could go on holiday together has ricocheted, as ideas tend to do when they unwittingly enter my brain, into several Blue Fantasies, of which I am sharing my favourite.

Blue Fantasy Scene of LGL and Aniket Going on Holiday Together

He stood at the very edge of the cliff, his face orange in the sunset, his hair blown back by the deafening wind. He turned towards the car and called out- "What a beautiful view, come and see! Such a place is worth dying in..."

She got down from the car and walked towards him pensively. "I'm so glad you think so, sweetheart.", she whispered.


She sat in the car, nursing the drink he had mixed for her, listening to his favourite CD. He had gone down without a single shout. Proud. He had always been proud. Pride comes before the fall, she smiled as she thought.


They found her at the wheel. Rigor Mortis had done its job and left. She was still smiling.

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48 paper boats came floating back to me:

chirpy-paaro said...

hahahha....OMG...this post made my day!!! I am waiting to hear Aniket's comment!!!

modern exile said...

Hah! Wasn't that great!!! ;)

Amal Bose said...

wondering what would Aniket say...

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

hahahha :) lolzz..

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

excellent...both getting what they deserve! Hope ur all packed and ready to go!!

Satans Darling™ said...


Creation said...


So typical!!

Chriz said...

take some pictures and post it to avoid further confusions..

you guys are gonna play mud castle games?

deepazartz said...

Where's Aniket???

Poor Ani... Anyways people may tend to misunderstand with that name:)

Have a great trip dear!!
Hope to hear about your fascinating trip tales:)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Srsly, where is Aniket?? M sure hez gonna blush n then write...I wish I could see his face when he reads this post..Hehehe

Nikki said...

Good Lord! Awesome!

Harshita said...

Thank Gaawwwwd.. I did not end up believing that Anik is Aniket... :)

SGD said...

OMG!!!! Aniket's dark sinister stories have REALLY rubbed off on you!!
You would do him proud!!! ;)))
I too, like others, am waiting to read his comment!!!

Karen said...

I'm really laughing out loud!!!

I KNEW Anik couldn't be Aniket, but what a delicious blue fantasy you've written, even though two of my favorite blog friends are killed off. What does that say about me, that I loved it and laughed so hard? Sorry, both, but it's funny!!!

Sakshi said...

Gosh you killed two bloggers in one post?? Trust you with a perfect murder..but still it made me laugh so much..wish you and Anik a happy holiday and poor Aniket too

Arv said...

LOL.. am laughing so much...

take care mate.. cheers...

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I thought it was going to turn out WAY differently!!! :P

Where's Aniket's comment? :D

Priyanka Khot said...

hahahahahaha... poor aniket... I don't think he will ever want to go on an outing with you...

fun write-up. totally floored.

P.S: Priyanka's Point awaits your return.

Anonymous said...

Funny. :D

Pradip Biswas said...

I remmber once there were two people both were known as Amol Painter.One was an artist another was building Painter. GF of one of them was a News correspondant and was on a holiday and she innocently mentioned her boyfriend Amol Painter moving with her in her travel Post that too got published in aseries. The Artist Painter had a Sadhu Sant image and was in great trouble.

Anonymous said...

Oh see, now you have to go and kill him.... ;)

I figured Anik and Aniket were different people. I'm not even sure how close you are geographically.

Aniket said...

@ Priyanka:

Aherm, the wait seems to be over. :D

@ Amal:
I'm kinda wondering too.

@ Coffee Angel:
Congratulations. You've just earned yourself an upward jump of 5 places in the list of people I'd love to kill.

@ Kriti:
Two people dying.. typical? Oh, sorry... forgot... you are Kriti and there is no known cure. :D

@ Deepa:
Here I am. People call me many things... Micky, Ani, Paglu, Anks, Thakkar, Thakral, Thaks, Miks, Aloo, fucker, etc.. etc. the list is long. But no one.. i repeat... NO ONE calls me Anik. Just to be clear. :D

@ T-f L:
Are you online? Video Chat anyone? Anyone?

@ SGD:
Thank you for saying it out loud that I inspire her... going by the number of comments she gets and followers she has, people might get wrong notions. :P

@ Karen:
Thank you for having that much faith. It means a lot. But then again I read "Delicious" followed by "though two of my favorite blog friends are killed off". Drink that margarita and have some rest Karen. No more gory stories for you this week. Say out loud ten times 'Love & Peace' :D

@ Ki:
Your permission to think has hereby been revoked.

@ Priyanka Khot:
I wasn't in any mood to go out with her before I read this. Trust me! Whoever said opposites attract certainly didn't had us both in his mind. :D

@ Jason: That's easier said than done. :D And yes, we live quite far apart... geographically. Mentally we are on different planes... correction different universe.... further correction different dimension.

@ Dearest LGL:

I don't know who were those kind souls who wrote such things to you and fancied the idea of us going around. I'll rather take that jump over the cliff any day. :D

Thanks for clarifying it to people. People who read my blog know am an idealist and a hopeless romantic. And I seriously hope they understand my now that my ultimate quest of 'Finding Nimmo' (In my brother's words)... the quest to find THE ONE won't end on you.

No offense but well we are like THE GODFATHER and WALL-E both exceptional in their own majestic way, but yet so very different. Not on a day of a billion solar eclipses can such a miracle (read disaster) happen.

Hope this is a satisfactory comment to all the anticipation that has built up here.

And if it isn't, Go count stars or hear the South African President speak to calm your senses.

Spaceman Spiff,
Signing out!

Catvibe said...

Mwuhahahahaha! Good one LGL! Sorry I missed this yesterday!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


I dint knew this.... :-P

Thanks for sharing that wonderful picture and the explanation...


SSQuo said...

:) Ok dont know Aniket, but just checked out his blog, so thanks to you he got some publicity!
You enjoy your trip gurl, and do everything that everybody else would do and then some!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! Anik-et! :D

Well, atleast *I* never suspected that you two are 'involved'. :P

So please Ani, let me think!!! :D

sawan said...

pack ur bags grl.. and dnt frgt to bring my share :P

luv ya guys.. take care.

and the story was interesting :)

buno mainak said...

hasmukh moron

SUBHADIP said...

This is Subhadip..wish you and Anik a great Holiday..enjoy..tor ager blog ta porte parini..sorry for that..was busy yaar..akta natun post add korlam..parle poris..janas kmn laglo..when u wd be back from Holiday?Wd wait for your comment dear..

Shruti said...

Hey LGL,

You write so beautifully.
I loved this post. You have a fantabulous imagination...
Keep writing!!

Love your blog!

Shruti, Mumbai


nice one

DPhatsez said...

Character 'assassination'... literally!

May i have some of that contraband?
Have a good one, mate!

Smita said...


Zeba Talkhani said...


Vesper said...

:-) :-) :-)


Have a beautiful holiday with... Anik... :-)

atanu nath said...

"What a beautiful view, come and see! Such a place is worth dying in..."... I felt this lines... I felt this... when I was standing near the edge in Cherrapunji... a sea of cloud was beneath my feet... and I heard people uttering the same words... "I wanna commit suicide here... the same was my feeling too....

by the way... these days actually I am extremely busy with my project and thats why getting no time to see your posts... I will soon return... wait for the time.

Anonymous said...


I was having a really bad day. I read this post, and suddenly the impossible happened: I was actually smiling!!

I just looooove the way you write. You can take the most obvious facts of life and put them in such an artistic way, that I guess almost everyone who reads them, connects to them instantly.

Please keep the posts coming...

Big fan of your blog!!

Cosmic Joy said...

You have a very devious imagination :)

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

I'm the snail...which is why I took so long to find your blog!
Coming via SGD's blog! I'm sure your 'friend' will be thrilled to bits that you have such fantasies about him..hahaha!!
Hope to continue visting as I am adding you to my blogroll. Please do visit my space when you get the chance!

Aniket said...


Sorry to disappoint you but am not THAT excited. :D

Jumping off the cliff IS on my list but way way down. ;P

Aniket said...

@ LGL:

See am keeping the place alive in your absence. :D

Kartz said...

Just read your last post too...

Enjoy your time off! I just got back from my hiatus.

Take care.


Anonymous said...


sigh...when r u back????

need i say the obvious?

ok, what the hell...I MISS U!!!

appear soon okies?


bluesugarpoet said... did I miss all of this fun?! hope you are enjoying your holiday, lgl. :)

jayant said...


would love to read what Aniket's first thoughts were after knowin this!

all d best for d holiday!

Aniket said...


I can grant that wish. :D
You can find my reaction up there in the comments. :)

jayant said...

Ohh.. dint realise that you'd already replied!

i've not seen any post where people are waiting for reaction to their comments but the author's replies aren't anticipated!

Little Girl Lost said...

thank you aniket for saving me the bother of replying to all the comments. you did a very good job.