Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Benjy Button- Curiously Deja Vu

Ofcourse it was a beautiful movie. And of course Brad Pitt was stunningly nuanced in his portrayal of a man whose body ages in reverse. But throughout The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the one name that kept flashing in my mind like a siren was - FORREST GUMP- FORREST GUMP-FORREST GUMP...

The similarities are obvious. Benjamin, like Forrest, grows up ( or is it down?) in a transient environment, an inn in one case and an old age home in the other. Both have mothers (adopted in BB's case) who love them fiercely. Both go to a war and both look death in the eye and survive. Both fall in love with a childhood friend, and both have to wait a lifetime for that love to be fulfilled. Death is a familiar and friendly presence in both movies, and both movies use a motif (a hummingbird in one movie, a floating feather in another) to tell the story.

The comparison is natural. And its also a bit sad, because Benjamin per se is a lovely movie. But if you want to make a movie in the Forrest Gump genre Mr. Fincher, it had better be as good as Forrest Gump. And cute as he is, Brad Pitt is NOT Tom Hanks

The good part? Cate Blanchett's very graceful body-work, and the fact that Pitt actually gets hotter as the movie progresses.

Ps.. People, if you wanted a real review, it might be a good idea to visit Shubhojit..

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Shubhajit said...

Hey, nice review! You're invading my territory :)

Well, I too thought on similar lines as you where Benjamin Button is concerned, esp. the Forrest Gump angle. After all don't they say, "Great Men (and Women) think alike"?

You're absolutely right, this movie doesn't lie in David Fincher's area of specialization. Someone who has the ability to make no-nonsense kick-in-the-arse stuff like Fight Club and Seven shouldn't be visiting a genre (read: Melodrama) which already has numerous contenders.

And thanks a lot for mentioning about my review in your post.

By the way, would love to see a clearer snap of yours, without the Noir-ish chiaroscuro effect, i.e. :D

Jennifer said...

I have not had a chance to see the movie, but now you have me wanting to. Forrest Gump would be hard to beat--I hadn't heard this comparison before.

This is a really nicely done review! :)

Aniket said...

I liked BB too. But of course, when you compare it too 'Forest Gump' it takes a beating. Forest Gump, Into the Wild, Fight Club; they are phenomenal movies that hit you real hard.

And as you said not exactly a review, but hey I'll go to IMDB if I wanted that. So nice post, keep 'em coming... for I love to discuss movies.

chirpy-paaro said...

still got to see the moviee... :(

Anonymous said...

hey, thnks for dropping by my works, nd for ur appreciation.. actually kinda busy with my boards entrance exams nd all, just came to post two new stuffs!! ur blog seems interesting too.. will visit later and go through, btw am charbak.. kip in touch.. tc!

SUBHADIP said...

A very interesting blog..written with details..khub bhalo laglo..add korlam naew post..poro..comment chai kintu..sry, got a bit busy in office work..Holi kmn katlo?

Minko said...

I agree,Mr Pitt ain't Tom Hanks. Though it's a lovely movie, there's a very subtle effort to make it one grandiloquent version of oscar-night reality.

That it didnot make it, is quite another story.

workhard said...

Nice review and yeah Brad Pitt does look really hot in that movie...

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Satans Darling™ said...

Hello hello :) First time here!

You know what, I have not watched the movie, but I am a die hard fan of Forrest Gump!

Thought you might like to read this:

ShantanuDas said...

Cannot pretent to know about reviews.. and movies.. i just see.. them that is all.. I am not good at reviews.. u need to be so meticulous and cover so fully.. and I have not seen Benjamin.. movie..only gump..

but will only say that u seem to have been extremely meticulous.. and have taken pain to write everything it seems..

Vidooshak said...

Interesting point and probably true. Not seen it yet.

Very creative blog. One of those that overawe you into silence. Lovely poems, lovely pictures and very unique ideas. Must thank wifey for pointing me to this one.