Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Spot of Self-indulgence

I’ve been Tagged!!! Till recently I had no idea what that meant, but I know now. It means I have to write 25 things about myself because some veilla bloke wants me to. Now I’m not about to pass up this chance to inflict a meaninglessly self-indulgent, boring, and uninspired post on the rest of you, so here are 25 things that I am… (this style of giving myself bizarre titles was shamelessly stolen from Quaint Murmur, who does a much better job of them in her very lovely blog)
Addicted freezer wall ice scraper & eater
Weird people cultivator
Bedroom wall mural artist
Baby observer
Useless stuff shopper
Parties & weddings dreader
Almirah & study table agent of chaos
Dog fearer
Tattoo & Body Art aficionado
Non-fiction literature avoider
Irreligious. Heathenish, even
Blog readership poacher
A closet nudist
A drinks-to-be-cool person who secretly abhors the taste of alcohol
Firebrand anti-male chauvinist
Hard rock- phobic
Tone-deaf sing-alonger
Bus-drama spectator
Teddy bear lover
Falling hair counter
Funny dancer
Food adorer
Procrastinator who never finishes her assignments. Ever.

Amritorupa Kanjilal also writes at Rivers I Have Known: Books, Reviews, and More. Please visit her there!  

24 paper boats came floating back to me:

abhinandan said...

Where's da 25th point???

Yayaver said...

really u have taken the correct step for kicking ass of veila blogger who wants to know about u...

Cosmic Joy said...

I guess this is the right post to start knowing the lost little girl as I follow her blog :)

buno mainak said...

a nose prickin salute

buno mainak said...

but 'abhors the taste of alcohol'
oh no,itna gham mujhe mat do,mujhe fir pina hoga.

Quaint Murmur said...

Thank you for the honourable mention, LGL.

And I am a bedroom wall mural artist as well.

I see you have added the funny dancer and the rest of my favourites as well :)

chirpy-paaro said...

an absolute procrastinator!!!! only 24 points...:)))

Aniket said...

@ LGL...
Point 24 was a stunner...
And 'Baby Observer' lolzzz... I have met a few of those. Great list. :-D

And I just hope am not the vella blogger in the context, wait... I did tag you didn't I?? :) :)

Minko said...

I see,I see!:)

That pretty much sums up the contours of your personality, huh?:D

Shubhajit said...

So you're not just a feminist, but a gay rights activist as well :P And now that you've told us, you aren't a "closet" nudist anymore :D

Some Metallica and Jack Daniels for you at my party?

By the way, is that you in the pic?

Little Girl Lost said...

people, i am sorry for the dumb error code thing, i ve gotten rid of it.
thank you for liking the post... yes, that is my picture...


beautiful blog

Lena said...

*Procrastinator who never finishes her assignments. Ever*
you finished the tag, didnt you? ;)

Loved the honesty in this one.

sawan said...

almirah and study table agent of chaos - lol, i liked this the best :P

u dnt like non-fiction!!! why?? try "men are from mars, women are from venus" - john grey, u wud like it or so i hope :P

lol, try champagne, u might like the taste :P

falling hair counter, lol :P

u r such a sweet heart :P

Little Girl Lost said...

sawan, it was that mars and venus thing that turned me off non-fiction in the first place...
and i try not to pay for my own booze. and nobody offers me champagne. ever. :(

sawan said...

lol, u r the first one i know who din like the book :)

dnt worry, some day i might offer you a drink :)

u take care.

Little Girl Lost said...

like the book??! it frightened the friggin lifelights out of me... men are rubber bands and they have a secret cave with a dragon at the gate, and when they are in the cave i better not try to follow or i'm toast????!!!!

man i seriously considerd changing my sexuality for a couple of days :)

sawan said...

hehe lol, only for couple of days?? :P

i seriously think most of what is written in that is true :) though u dnt have to see men as beasts :P

Little Girl Lost said...

ok, lets see... maybe a post on mars/ venus should be interesting...

sawan said...

id luv to read ur take on tht :)

Mads said...

wow u wrote it so cutely :)) :D

dog fearers.. hi5
i used to be a freezer wall ice scraper and eater :D
useless stuff shopper, huge hi5 :D
a drinks to be cool person who secretly abhors the taste of alcohol- lol liked that...i like the taste of alcohol :( but dont wanna be a big time boozer :D

falling hair counter..luckily no hi5 for that :D

procrastinator finished this pretty well ;)
nice one :D

SSQuo said...

A naked girl dancing funnily to her own tone-deaf music - ahh love it!

ShantanuDas said...

look the dude knows how to count.. and he made me count too.. !! & u know how troublesome it is to count when scrolling and eyes tend to get cockeyed.. but the dude is right!!

But I did not agree with Yayaver . unless he/she knows you personaly and so knows all that she has said is not her.. otherwise i feel I am learning a lot about her ..and I think she has told the truths about herself bcs look at BLOG Readership catcher.. how she is pasting all of us and how are followers are growing! today it is 55 yesterday it was 49 or so.!

Like Dog Fearer-- so if I hate her I can let my dog loose after her (of course i will have to buy one first) or if she is a baby observer then it means.. she likes sweet things that have life inside.. and now I know I can gift her a teddy on her birthday..

or if she is a party means she loves a CANDLELIGHT DINNER

Ahh the 25th must be that
A candle light dinner liker...
she has deliberatly kept the 25th one let Anik find out himself.. now the cat is out of bag!

thnx for tellng us abt you.. I enjoyed this post ALSO!

Ammara said...

really kool
cn i copy u nd giv 25 titles on myself ( want to menifest the bottled up self-love)
plz b generous.....